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Electric man is a fascinating stickman warrior diversion which was created by Damien Clarke. With the straightforward yet smooth ongoing interaction, this is extremely an addictive battling amusement for who love this kind of diversion.

In this amusement, you will control a stick electric man and your main goal is to battle against a scope of adversaries by utilizing many punch and kick combos. Prior to beginning the diversion, you should make a name, pick a shading for your character. Moreover, you likewise need to pick a dimension to partake in. There are 3 levels in the diversion, including simple, typical, and star; and each dimension has 4 round to play.

As referenced above, in this amusement, you should utilize a variety of punch and kick combos to overcome the foes. So as to do that, you can utilize three diverse fast activities by utilizing catches A, S, and D or three incredible moderate movement activities by utilizing catch Q, W, and E. Utilizing these activities well will assist you with defeating your adversaries. Advise you that these three moderate movement activities utilize a great deal of intensity, in this way, you have to take an eye Best Unblocked Games on the intensity of your character. Be that as it may, the power will be recovered over the time.

As you advance, your adversaries likewise turned out to be more diligently to overcome, so you should battle rapidly and skillfully to KO every one of them.


Electric Man is presumably the most prevalent stickmen fghting amusement today. On the off chance that you might want to enter the competition, battle against various adversaries and attempt to beat unbeaten manager, this amusement is for you. Toward the start of the amusement you should pick your characters, shading and name. In the wake of doing this, you can pick your foes. In the two cases, you should confront the last manager at last so don’t contemplate this decision. When you tap the Start catch, you will end up in a preparation room. Before confronting a genuine warriors you will probably prepare, discover data about exceptional assaults and moderate movements. Simply subsequent to finishing the preliminary battle, you will enter the competition.

There are a few highlights that make this diversion great. The most intriguing and most magnificent thing is moderate movement moves. Your character can perform moderate movement super assaults and mischief a few adversaries at any given moment. Remember that you can’t perform them constantly – you should watch out for the vitality bar. Keep in mind that the initial a few foes are extremely feeble – you can annihilate them effectively yet as you advance in the amusement, you will battle against two and even three played in the meantime. It is fairly troublesome assignment and requires every one of your aptitudes to succeed.

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