Same Day Crown

We understand your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve invested in CEREC digital technology that allows for a faster experience when you need a porcelain crown (cap) or large replacement filling, otherwise known as an inlay or onlay. CEREC is a revolutionary way to restore damaged teeth from decay, fractures or cracks, old fillings, or Root Canal Therapy in a single visit, rather than taking a sticky mold, sending it out to a dental laboratory, wearing a temporary crown and returning for a second appointment.

During the course of ONE VISIT, we can prepare your damaged tooth, create an optical impression, and use CEREC computer software technology to virtually design and mill a precision restoration, which is then permanently bonded to your tooth, fully restoring its function and stability.

CEREC® CAD/CAM technology creates dental restorations that are preferred by patients because:

More natural tooth structure is conserved
High quality, tooth-colored porcelain creates a more confident smile
3-D imaging, not a sticky tooth impression mold, is used for a very precise design and manufacturing process
Convenience; Spend less time in the chair
Only one office visit is required to complete the dental restoration


CEREC inlays and onlays are alternative restorations to crowns, which enable the doctor to conserve natural tooth sturcture.  They replace extensive amalgam (metal) or composite fillings with tooth decay or structural damage, to create a smooth, tooth-colored replacement of natural tooth material again in just one visit . They are superior to amalgam or composite fillings because of their enhanced strength, durability, and esthetics. With enamel-like material, they look and feel like your real teeth, and are longer lasting.