Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry differs from conventional dentistry, providing more than just the clinical side of treatment. Dr. Tsangaroulis offers cosmetic dentistry procedures to shape, sculpt, whiten and even create teeth from scratch. His goal in cosmetic dentistry is to provide the beautiful, healthy smile that you desire.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Include:

Preview Your New Smile

Our philosophy for smile makeovers is “Begin with the end in mind”.  Every cosmetic dental treatment performed by Dr. Tsangaroulis is begun with photos, models to create a diagnostic wax-up, and bite records.  Of course a thorough clinical examination and xrays will always preceed.  The purpose of a wax-up is to not only give the patient a preview of the final result, but also to serve as a template or “blueprint” to create the final dental restorations, whether they are porcelain crowns or veneers. This also enables the patient to be highly interactive in designing their smile makeover, by modifying the size, shape, and color of the teeth.   Furthermore, Dr. Tsangaroulis can limit the amount of needless tooth preparation.  The following are methods Dr. Tsangaroulis uses for patient interaction:

PreNew PreView

A unique, revolutionary tool that allows patients to see what their new smile will look like, giving them the opportunity to “test drive” their new smile before committing to treatment.

How does it work?

On your first visit, an impression and photo of your existing smile is made. That photo and impression, plus the details of your treatment, will be sent to the PreNew PreView lab in New York City.  There, a realistic mockup will be handcrafted and sent back to our Greenwich dental office.

On your second visit, Dr. Tsangaroulis applies the “New Look” on your existing teeth in fifteen minutes.  Wearing your mockup, you will have a better sense of how your smile will look in the future without any drilling, anesthesia or discomfort.

Smile Photo Imaging

As an adjunct or alternative, Dr. Tsangaroulis uses a state-of-the-art computer program with an advanced digital imaging system.  After a few photos and in a matter of minutes, patients can see their new future smile on a computer screen.


A wax-up is created on the model of the patient’s teeth by the dental laboratory, based on Dr. Tsangaroulis’s assessment and design.  The wax-up not only serves as an additional physical tool for the patient to visualize the final result, but also serves as a template to recreate the mock-up of the final veneers and/or crowns in the mouth.

Porcelain Veneers

Thin, translucent porcelain laminates that are bonded to the outer surface of the front teeth. They appear completely natural and can be used to eliminate the appearance of gaps or crooked teeth, and to effectively conceal stains and chips. Veneers are extremely durable and can last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Dental Bonding

For chipped, broken, discolored or decayed teeth; a restoration that blends invisibly with your natural dentition to create a healthy, bright-looking smile.

Teeth Whitening

We offer Zoom in-office teeth whitening as well as professional whitening products that you can use at home. Whitening boosts your smile and your confidence!

Laser Gum Lift

A laser can be used to gently remove unwanted gum tissue and eliminate high gummy smile lines or short-appearing front teeth. This treatment has become popularly known as gum shaping, contouring, reshaping, recontouring and in some treatment plans, crown lengthening. Laser treatment is so precise that Dr. Tsangaroulis is capable of changing the overall appearance of the gumline, from tooth to tooth, producing a great smile.

Smile Makeover

Dr. Tsangaroulis will perform a comprehensive assessment of the esthetics of your smile and recommend the right cosmetic dental treatment to improve its overall appearance.

Even if your teeth are completely healthy, if you are not happy with their appearance, Dr. Tsangaroulis can employ a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments to beautify your smile in almost any way you desire.