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Pediatric Dentistry

Our practice provides pediatric dentistry for young children and teens in a comfortable, safe, and fun environment. Your child’s dental health is of the utmost importance to our whole team. Our dentistDr. George Tsangaroulis—is a father of four, so he is extremely patient, understands children’s behaviors, and has a wonderful bedside manner. He absolutely loves kids and treats them as if they were his own. Despite many children being fearful and apprehensive, he always manages to capture their trust, creating a very positive experience and special bond on their first visit, which sets the stage for a wonderful lifetime relationship.

Highlighted below are some of the many pediatric dental services we provide, including the Healthy Start System™—a revolutionary method for facilitating optimal tooth eruption and oral development for a naturally straight smile, unobstructed nighttime breathing, and optimal overall health. In fact, Dr. Tsangaroulis is so impressed by the benefits and efficacy of this treatment that he employs the Healthy Start System™ for his own four kids!

If you have any questions about our pediatric dental offerings, or if you wish to schedule an appointment for your child, please don’t hesitate to contact Greenwich Cosmetic & Family Dentistry today.

Imaging, Diagnostics, & Planning

Utilizing top-of-the-line dental technologies like digital radiography and the iTero Element 5D imaging system, Dr. Tsangaroulis has the ability to screen for cavities and areas of decay, potential breathing and airway issues, tooth and jaw alignment problems, suboptimal tongue positioning, poor oral habits (i.e. thumb-sucking), and various other concerns during early childhood—all with exceptional precision, quick feedback, and no exposure to radiation. Based on his findings he can develop personalized treatments tailored to each child’s unique needs, sometimes using the iTero Element 5D imaging system to not only optimize planning, but to actually simulate expected treatment progression and final results for patients (and parents!) to see in cases involving tooth eruption, bite alignment, preventative dentistry, and/or restorative care.

Ultimately, by identifying and properly addressing oral-related problems in the earliest stages of development, Dr. Tsangaroulis can resolve issues promptly and/or help guide proper facial and jawbone growth for straighter teeth, improved dental function, reduced discomfort, and better overall wellness later in life.

Oral Wellness Care & Maintenance

Because young children are often unable to brush and floss effectively, Dr. Tsangaroulis offers a range of oral wellness and maintenance services to provide them with a foundation of good oral health. Dental sealants—a clear or tooth-colored coating bonded to the chewing surfaces of the teeth—offer excellent protection against cavities for your child’s permanent teeth. We also provide cleanings and optional fluoride application/treatment to keep teeth clean and healthy.

Healthy Start System™

The Healthy Start System™ is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive technique designed to prevent—rather than correct—orthodontic and sleep airway issues in children while establishing an excellent foundation for a lifetime of overall wellness. Typically starting between the ages of three and four, treatment works by gently guiding erupting teeth into ideal positions via soft, removable devices worn by the patient for a specific period of time. These devices also aid in proper growth and alignment of the lower jaw, helping to ensure the arches are expanded enough to allow permanent teeth to emerge straight and appropriate oral habits to form. In the end, the Healthy Start System™ can help many children achieve a naturally developed straight smile and proper facial growth and development without the need for braces, plastic aligners, or surgery.

How Do Tooth Alignment & Oral Development Relate to Sleep Breathing Issues?

Unbeknownst to many, crooked/crowded teeth and underdeveloped oral structures caused by poor oral habits (e.g. mouth breathing or excessive thumb sucking) can lead to an increased risk for sleep-disordered breathing. Also known as SDB, sleep-disordered breathing is an umbrella term that refers to nighttime breathing issues ranging from mild snoring to severe sleep apnea. Some of the most common symptoms and adverse effects of SDB include snoring/snorting, bedwetting, ADD/ADHD, nightmares, irritability, daytime exhaustion, difficulty in school, restless sleep, slowed physical growth, dangerous pauses in breathing, and more.

While undergoing orthodontic treatment later into adolescence (or even adulthood) can certainly help correct tooth alignment and oral development issues, preventing these problems from manifesting in the first place can help children avoid their negative sleep-related side effects altogether. At our practice, the Healthy Start System™ can do just that by working with the natural forces of tooth eruption and facial development to guide teeth into ideal positions and facilitate proper jaw growth.

What Does Treatment with the Healthy Start System™ Involve?

Dr. Tsangaroulis begins every Heath Start System™ treatment by using the iTero Element 5D imaging system to perform a comprehensive oral assessment. With this technology, he is able to view all oral structures from virtually any angle with unmatched precision, enabling him to provide exceptionally customized planning and predictable outcomes. As an added benefit, the evaluation process is completely digital, so scanning results are completed quickly and there is no messy goop associated with traditional impressions.

Once a plan is formulated, treatment generally consists of three phases:

  1. Habit Corrector – In this initial phase, the goal is to eliminate or improve current oral habits that may be negatively impacting your child’s dental health. This is accomplished by wearing a “habit corrector” device—which is similar in design to a pacifier—at night for approximately one to five months.
  2. Second Phase – In stage two of treatment, your child will receive a personalized appliance designed specifically for their mouth, which is to be worn while sleeping at night for about two to six months. The purpose of this device is to guide incoming teeth into proper position, correct jaw relations, and widen your child’s arches to make room for adult teeth.
  3. Final Phase – The last step of care begins when your child has at least four adult teeth. At this time, a device designed to accommodate incoming permanent teeth will be created for your child, facilitating their eruption into proper alignment. This phase is particularly important, as gum tissue starts to fix adult teeth into position as they emerge.

Once the Heath Start System™ process is complete, your child can enjoy a naturally straight smile, proper bite alignment, optimal nighttime breathing, and an exceptional foundation for oral and full-body wellness.

Special Rewards for Pediatric Patients

All of our pediatric patients are special to us, and we love to reward them at the completion of their dental treatment. Children can choose from either of two rewards: a treat from the treasure chest or painting nails.

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