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Dental Costs in Greenwich vs. NYC

For many people who live in Lower Connecticut and the greater NYC area, a common assumption is that you have to go into New York City to receive top-level dental care, particularly when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. In truth, however, there is no need to deal with traffic, train-rides, or any other inconveniences of traveling to the city simply to see an NYC-caliber cosmetic dentist—there is one right here in Greenwich, and as an added benefit, his fees are often less for the same quality of elite care!

George Tsangaroulis, DDS is a highly experienced and talented cosmetic dentist whose focus is on combining smile design and beauty with function and biology to create exceptional, long-lasting treatment results—an approach he has termed “Functionally Driven Facial Aesthetic Smile Design.” Having closely trained under some of dentistry’s foremost experts—including Dr. John R. Calamia, co-developer of modern-day porcelain veneers—Dr. Tsangaroulis is well-versed in all facets of cosmetic dental care, and he uses only the most advanced technologies and top-quality materials available. As a testament to his clinical skill and commitment to excellence, he has been voted one of “America’s Best Dentists” and one of the “Top Dentists in the United States.”

At Greenwich Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, Dr. Tsangaroulis wants to provide patients the ability to afford advanced, comprehensive dental care. He offers a full array of dental care options, many of which often start below the average low-end fees for the same dental services in New York City. As a result, by choosing Dr. Tsangaroulis for your dental care, you can receive treatment from a cosmetic dentist who has the same caliber of advanced training, access to first-rate materials, and overall prestige as some of NYC’s top dentists—often for a more affordable fee.

Exactly how much of a difference in fees is there between our practice and dental offices in New York City? Below we have put together a chart detailing the approximate percentage of savings you can expect for various treatments based on the typical starting cost at Greenwich Cosmetic & Family Dentistry versus the average starting cost in NYC.

Treatment Approximate Savings*

*Approximate savings are based on our own research of average starting treatment costs in New York City and may fluctuate when compared to specific dental practices.

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