Smile Makeover


Patient 1

Our patient did not like the spaces and shape of her teeth. Although Invisalign was an option to close the spaces, it would not address the narrow size and shape. We created a beautiful smile for our patient by constructing 10 gorgeous porcelain veneers.

Patient 2

This patient is a beautiful 32 year old, but unfortunately did not like to smile. She was missing two of her front teeth – both upper, lateral incisors, and the teeth never came together. She did not like the gaps and spaces she had, as well as the color and shape of her teeth. They are flat and worn from grinding. We did 8 porcelain veneers to lengthen, compensate for the spaces, enhanced the color, and broadened the teeth in the back to give her a fuller smile.


Patient 3

This patient did not like the way her teeth looked – the color and shape.  At the time she had a bridge for her two missing front teeth. She also felt she had a gummy smile and did not like the metal showing in her crowns. 10 beautiful Porcelain crowns and veneers were done.

Patient 4

This patient did not like her smile and constantly had food trapped between her crowded teeth.  This is the final result after completing Invisalign treatment.


Patient 5

The following patient did not like the appearance of his teeth and smile in photos.  Invisalign treatment was completed.

Patient 6

This patient had a difficult time smiling, biting and chewing.  Invisalign was done to align her teeth and make her bite more comfortable.


Patient 7

This patient is a 60 year old female who had old stained bonding with decay and crowded, rotated teeth.  10 Porcelain veneers and crowns were done.

Patient 8

Patient was concerned with the space between her two front teeth;  8 Porcelain veneers were completed to not only close the space, but also to expand her smile.


Patient 9

This patient is a young female model who did not like the appearance of her teeth. 10 porcelain veneers were done.

Patient 10

40 year old male who was not happy with his smile, he had old bonding and spaces between his teeth:  8 Porcelain veneers were completed.


Patient 11

Invisalign was completed to close the space between this patient’s 2 front teeth and subsequently 10 porcelain veneers were done.