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Mything Teeth

We cannot tell a lie: George Washington's false teeth weren't made out of wood, though the materials actually used weren't all that appealing, either. CLAIM: U.S. President George Washington had wooden teeth. FALSE ORIGIN: One of the most popular historical exhibits at Mount Vernon, originally the estate of the first President of

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Flossing and the Art of Scientific Investigation

It’s bad enough that expertise is under attack these days from populist political movements that dismiss specialist opinion as just another establishment ruse. But lately expertise is being criticized from another direction, too — from would-be defenders of science. Consider the recent controversy over flossing. In August, a widely read

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Your mouth can reveal serious health issues

Want to prevent heart disease? Take a look at your teeth. A study published in October in the American Journal of Medicine found that those who used toothpaste that targeted plaque, and therefore were more diligent in brushing their teeth, lowered their levels of heart-attack-triggering inflammation. The study’s authors found that

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