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Do charcoal toothpastes live up to their advertising?

Do your patients use or ask you about charcoal toothpastes? Maybe they've asked if these products have health and cosmetic benefits not available from other toothpastes, as the manufacturers of these products sometimes claim. However, researchers were unable to find scientific evidence to back up these statements in a literature

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Long-Term Gum Disease Tied to Alzheimer’s

Chronic gum inflammation, known as periodontitis, is associated with an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, researchers from Taiwan report. Chronic periodontitis, a leading cause of tooth loss, is also associated with increases in markers of inflammation throughout the body. Some recent studies have suggested that chronic periodontitis might contribute

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4 oral healthcare points for your pregnant patients

What is the most important information to communicate to your pregnant patients? In observance of National Women's Health Week, spoke to dentists and obstetricians about how pregnant women can best take care of the oral health of themselves and their children. Some recommendations have evolved and may surprise you.

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Research: Vitamin D deficiency leaves its mark on the smile

A study published by McMaster University in May found vitamin D is vital to more than just skin and the neurological system. Previously, there was no way to prove long-term vitamin D deficiencies in the human species. However, anthropologists studying ancient human teeth found that the main material of teeth — dentin — records when the

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Is Seltzer Bad For You?

Calling all La Croix fans. The Answer: Be strategic with your La Croix obsession. Manufacturers add pressurized carbon dioxide to produce effervescence in a drink, which is essentially the process that makes those beloved seltzers bubbly and fizzy. This act of carbonation instantly makes the drink acidic ― and that acid

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