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9 Reasons You Have a Metallic Taste in Your Mouth

Metal mouth could be linked to what you eat, but it could also have to do with any of these other health issues or conditions. You’re taking certain medications The most common cause of a metallic taste in the mouth is medications. Antibiotics, antihistamines, over-the-counter supplements, and blood pressure medications

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Goats Might Prefer A Smile To A Frown, Study Says

As the editor of a blog called Goats and Soda (see this story for the explanation behind the name), I'm always interested in the latest goat research. So I was definitely hooked by a press release that declared, "Goats prefer happy people." Alan McElligott, an associate professor in animal behavior

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Silver diamine for your patients’ golden years

Caring for the teeth of your older patients requires an awareness of the issues and conditions that can affect the oral health of this older population. Dental conditions associated with aging include dry mouth (xerostomia), root and coronal caries, and periodontitis. Additionally, patients may show increased sensitivity to drugs used

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Weed Prevented Cavities Thousands of Years Ago

Weed Prevented Cavities Thousands of Years Ago While minty toothpaste is the norm today, ancient people had to get creative when it came to keeping their teeth clean. Some civilizations used abrasive ingredients like burnt eggshells and ox hoof ashes to scrub their teeth. But others turned to a natural,

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