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Periodontal disease: Tipping the balance in the patients’ favor

The way to tip the balance in the patients’ favor begins by knowing what it is you, as a clinician, are trying to control—specifically for each individual perio patient. Knowing the exact bacteria that is causing each patient’s case of periodontal disease is an enormous advantage; it allows the clinician to address the cause. When we undertake periodontal therapy blindly—without knowing what we are fighting—the only metrics we have are the pocket numbers, bleeding on probing (BOP), tissue tone, and color. With that we are only addressing the manifestation of the disease—the clinical signs—rather than treating the heart of the gingival infection.

When we identify the bacterial cause of a specific case of periodontal disease, we have real metrics when we compare the results of pre-op and post-op testing. You can hold the metrics in your hand, literally, in the form of the test reports. One of the advantages of salivary diagnostics is the impact this technology has on developing an individualized treatment plan for each patient, contrary to seeing some 5 mm pockets and just scraping and hoping for the best. More on this to come.


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